Do Not Approach Without Caffeine

Axelle's First WeeK


Wednesday’s winding down and so is my first week here on the Seraphim team. We’ve not been properly introduced, I’m Axelle, your new friendly neighborhood blogger. I’ve been around SL for a few years, but this is my first foray into anything other than expanding my inventory. I’m beyond thrilled to have joined Seraphim and met the lovely ladies behind the scenes who make it work.


Like many I caught the shopping bug early on in my Second Life, when I’m not adorning myself with the latest fashions, I’m spending far too much time renovating my land. I hardly ever buy fatpacks and I’m currently seeking help for a gatcha addiction. When it comes to the exchange of lindens for goods I have but a few small complaints:


1.) A photo of the purchased outfit or item should be included in the contents folder. Designers, we have large inventories and half of the time we buy something and forget what it is.

2.) All items should come unpacked. I get that part of branding may include you sticking all your stuff in uniform boxes, but really… save me the trouble.

3.) Last but not least… Second Life needs more highwaisted shorts offerings. That’s pretty self explanatory, I’ll just patiently wait here while your creative juices get to work.


Blogging is harder than it looks, but I’ve been learning the ropes and having a ton of fun while I do. I snapped a pic while I was covering Atelier Kreslo, good thing they serve coffee here… it looks like I need it!
-Axelle- ツ



T-Shirt: Emery TShirt Joy in Latte

Capris: {mon tissu} Harlow’s Cuffed Jeans in Light Wash

Glasses: -UtopiaH- Nerd Glasses

Bangle: Maxi Gossamer Bangle in Night Rocker

Ring: Maxi Gossamer Silver Drop ring in Jet