My Second Life Uniform

My Second Life UniformI love blogging all kinds of fashion but in my day-to-day SLife I’ve become rather boring. Chances are, if you see me out and about, I will probably be dressed like this. I feel very comfortable in this outfit and totally ‘me’ – the pants and shoes were a gift from a friend and I absolutely adore them.

There is, however, another reason I wear this outfit all the time – I tp around a lot and visit a lot of events and my computer often can’t keep up. This has, over time, made me conscious of my script usage and render weight. Rather than have to change in and out of alphas when I’m trying to get in to busy events I ended up creating an outfit that is really kind to my pc.. and, hopefully, to others too. My scripts are down to 3 and I can further reduce that to 1 just by getting rid of my ao and little radar, and my render weight is comfortably in the green at 7801 (to compare a typical blog outfit put that figure at 53,588).

I do intend to create a few more low impact outfits for variety but, for now at least, this is me..


Top: ‘Girl Eats Boy (Grey)‘ – Miseria (not currently available)
Pants: ‘Her Cargo Pants‘ – DECO
Shoes: included with pants

Hair: ‘Cookie (Seafoam)‘ – Wasabi Pills
Skin: ‘Group.Gift#6.2013 (Ivory)‘ – Filthy (no longer available)
Eyes: ‘Deep Sky Eyes (London Fog)‘ – Mayfly
Lashes: ‘Eyelash 1‘ –
Shape: ‘Keri’ – Panda Punx (modded)

Photo Tools
Pose/Prop: ‘Blogger Bubble’ – aDORKable Poses (not currently available)
Facial Expression: ‘Expression HUD v1.0‘ – AnyPose
Windlight: ‘‘Juicy Loves You’ by JuicyBomb

Seraphim HQ

Somebody’s watching..

Hellooo my darlings!

Do any of you have those friends that pop in with random attire, never looking the same? I definitely do, and i LOVE how fun their avi always looks. My friend Azrael always has on a cool costume and honestly if his name wasn’t the same then I would probably never know it was him! Anyways that’s what is so fun about SL, the individuality and creativity that we can all show off. We can express ourselves and be who we want to be.


For this photo i had a visitor….DUNDUNDUN!

Somebodies watching

Can you spot the terrifying invader?!

Somebodies watching 2

Thanks Azrael for letting me pose you and be silly :)

On the Zombie:

(Yummy) Candy Ring – Green

 Available at Collabor88: -tb- Skinny Slacks- Red

 Available at Collabor88: ISON – crop panel tee (navy stripe)

 Available at Collabor88: TRUTH HAIR Thelma –  variety

[tea.s] Conversation Trinket -Gold- XOXO (unpacked)

*LACUNA* Milliways Platforms (for Slink Feet) – Black

Do Not Approach Without Caffeine

Axelle's First WeeK


Wednesday’s winding down and so is my first week here on the Seraphim team. We’ve not been properly introduced, I’m Axelle, your new friendly neighborhood blogger. I’ve been around SL for a few years, but this is my first foray into anything other than expanding my inventory. I’m beyond thrilled to have joined Seraphim and met the lovely ladies behind the scenes who make it work.


Like many I caught the shopping bug early on in my Second Life, when I’m not adorning myself with the latest fashions, I’m spending far too much time renovating my land. I hardly ever buy fatpacks and I’m currently seeking help for a gatcha addiction. When it comes to the exchange of lindens for goods I have but a few small complaints:


1.) A photo of the purchased outfit or item should be included in the contents folder. Designers, we have large inventories and half of the time we buy something and forget what it is.

2.) All items should come unpacked. I get that part of branding may include you sticking all your stuff in uniform boxes, but really… save me the trouble.

3.) Last but not least… Second Life needs more highwaisted shorts offerings. That’s pretty self explanatory, I’ll just patiently wait here while your creative juices get to work.


Blogging is harder than it looks, but I’ve been learning the ropes and having a ton of fun while I do. I snapped a pic while I was covering Atelier Kreslo, good thing they serve coffee here… it looks like I need it!
-Axelle- ツ



T-Shirt: Emery TShirt Joy in Latte

Capris: {mon tissu} Harlow’s Cuffed Jeans in Light Wash

Glasses: -UtopiaH- Nerd Glasses

Bangle: Maxi Gossamer Bangle in Night Rocker

Ring: Maxi Gossamer Silver Drop ring in Jet

Can’t Hang Around

Can't Hang AroundA girl can’t stay in her picture all day – there’s shopping to do!

Hello, I’m Chiana and I’m a shopaholic new recruit to your fabulous Seraphim team. I was really nervous about completing my first few assignments but my lovely colleagues have been so warm and welcoming that I really do think joining them may be the best Second Life decision I’ve made yet!

For those of you who would like to know a little about me: I live in the UK, have been around SL since 2008 and I love photography in both lives (though I’m not very good at it yet). My favourite colors are blue and orange, my favourite video game is Portal and my husband tells me he fell in love with me when I yelled ‘Yay, zombies!’ at an inappropriate moment. Also, I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone that I’m completely addicted to all the shinies and pretties that this virtual world has to offer so I’m delighted to be sharing some of my shopping favs with you all!

This week’s look was inspired by no.7’s recent Skin Fair release (now available in-store) which in turn takes its inspiration from the Pop art movement. I thought it was an absolutely brilliant creation and had a lot of fun creating an outfit and pictures to go with it.

I hope you enjoy this post and tune-in often for more from us all here at Seraphim.

See you next time!

Chiana ❀


Dress: ‘Fiffie’ – Ducknipple
Shoes: ‘Maryse Heels’ – Ingenue (for Slink Medium feet)

Hair: ‘Trixie’ – Artilleri
Skin: ‘Oceane’ – Filthy
Makeup: ‘Pop Art’ – no.7
Eyes: ‘Liquid Light Eyes (Dark Shadow)’ – Mayfly
Tattoo (upper): ‘Altair’ – Letis Tattoo
Nails: ‘Enhancement Fingernails (for default hands)’ – Slink
Nailpolish: ‘Leaves #1′ – Virtual/Insanity (Slink nail applier)
Tattoo (leg): ‘Kill Slowly’ – Letis Tattoo
Feet: ‘AvEnhance Feet (Female, Mid)’ – Slink
Shape: ‘Keri’ – Panda Punx (modded)

Art: various pics by me
Building: ‘William Weaver Art Gallery’ – Scarlet Creative

Photo Tools
Pose/Prop: ‘In the Picture’ – Glitterati
Windlight: ‘Gogo Hearts’ – JuicyBomb


I’d like to use my very first post for Seraphim Backstage to welcome you. Yes, you! The very reason behind all our work at Seraphim. Every day we bring you in-depth coverage of a great number of events in SL and we thought it would be nice if you could get to know the people that make it all happen – your amazing bloggers!

Here’s a little picture of me. Please, do not judge my empty house! I’ve just recently moved and am in the process of decorating the whole place – hence the cup of cocoa and cupcakes, I needed a break.

Backstage 1

I hope you visit Seraphim Backstage again soon!

Adriana xx

Where’s my stuff from?

Chair: Cheeky Pea – Greeny Peboamauk Rocking Chair
Tray: {what next}
Plant: {what next} – Forever Garden (Bucket of Flowers)
Top: *ionic* – Crop Top (Flores). Available at The Chapter 4 – here’s a link to the Seraphim Gallery
Jeans: ISON – Coated Denim
Hair: Truth – Maggie
Skin: Deetalez – Jarla
Necklace: Lapointe & Bastchild – Lover’s Necklace

All dressed up

Hi again, Del here.

This time I brought a special guest for the blog.  Readers, meet Mat.  You will probably see him pop up now and then as I take you on some of our adventures.  This morning we found ourselves with a few hours free, which is a great rarity in our busy lives.  It was such a wonderful morning, ended with us here just talking and enjoying the scenery.

Mat is wearing a gorgeous suit he just picked up at the February round of The Mens Dept and he truly loves it.  The details are really great and the pinstripe is flawless.  It is very, very well done and really a good deal at only 295L.

I am such a fangurl when it comes to Junbug clothing and Cae jewelry!  I actually tried to resist this time, knowing that there were so many fairs and festivals in February.  I really tried!  For like a whole day I didn’t go to We Love Role-Play to pick up the dress.  A WHOLE DAY!  Do you know how hard that was?  If you’re reading this, then you probably do!  But then…something happened.  One of my Plurk friends posted a picture wearing the dress.  It was just as gorgeous on her as I thought it would be.  That night while Mat slept I ran out quickly picked up the gown.  I have already worn it three times!

The Nostalgia jewelry set from Cae is really amazing, too.  Cae’s work is always so detailed and classy that I find myself buying every piece she comes out with.  On this jewelry set, there is a HUD to change gem, pearl and metal colors.  The HUD also toggles between the length of the necklace.  If you have a lower neckline (or you just want to accentuate ‘the girls’), you can click and POOF!  A third strand is added to the necklace and it is a perfect fit and perfect match.  Brilliant!

Is it just me, or does Mat have a devilish little smile at the corners of his mouth?  Hmmm.  Better see what mischief he’s conjuring up!

Happy Saturday, everyone!



What Del is wearing

Hair – Tymber with roots in mocha by TRUTH Hair

Dress – Adele’s Secret in Sky by Junbug (We Love Role-Play exclusive)

Necklace –Nostalgia by Cae

Earrings – Nostalgia by Cae

Bracelet – Nostalgia by Cae

Hands – Female Casual by Slink Avatar Enhancements

What Mat is wearing

Hair – Paul by Amacci

Suit – Pinstriped Business Suit in blue by Epia (The Mens Dept exclusive)

Earring – Diamond Stud by Earthstones


Pose – A Night Out by Sari-Sari