Getting to know the Seraphim way

I am very new to blogging in SL and when you join an established team like Seraphim, there is actually a whole lot to learn and take in. I am really excited that I have two posts under my belt now and I am starting to finally feel like in a few weeks I will be doing it like all the other girl pro’s in the Seraphim team. I was told about Backstage and thought this is actually very exciting because it is all about who I am and I get to show SL in general what I like to do, what I wear and all of that good stuff.


My husband and son decided to make me an office for all my blogging needs and so when I am not running around events taking photos and writing notes I have been hanging out in my own little area with my handy dandy dog ‘Moose’. I figure as a first post goes and in keeping with the idea of showing SL who I am, that is a very good place to start. So here it goes….My own little office, equipped with coffee, photos, couch and dog company:


Décor Info:

Neon Love sign by Sella (unavailable)

Artwork are all photography available at Quinntessentials

Sunbleached Puffy Couch White available at Trompe Loeil

Office set – desk, typewriter and all that good stuff can be found at bauwerk

And last but not least you can find your own ‘Moose’ at Zoobys

That’s all for now folks!

Rosalyn ❥


My Second Life Uniform

My Second Life UniformI love blogging all kinds of fashion but in my day-to-day SLife I’ve become rather boring. Chances are, if you see me out and about, I will probably be dressed like this. I feel very comfortable in this outfit and totally ‘me’ – the pants and shoes were a gift from a friend and I absolutely adore them.

There is, however, another reason I wear this outfit all the time – I tp around a lot and visit a lot of events and my computer often can’t keep up. This has, over time, made me conscious of my script usage and render weight. Rather than have to change in and out of alphas when I’m trying to get in to busy events I ended up creating an outfit that is really kind to my pc.. and, hopefully, to others too. My scripts are down to 3 and I can further reduce that to 1 just by getting rid of my ao and little radar, and my render weight is comfortably in the green at 7801 (to compare a typical blog outfit put that figure at 53,588).

I do intend to create a few more low impact outfits for variety but, for now at least, this is me..


Top: ‘Girl Eats Boy (Grey)‘ – Miseria (not currently available)
Pants: ‘Her Cargo Pants‘ – DECO
Shoes: included with pants

Hair: ‘Cookie (Seafoam)‘ – Wasabi Pills
Skin: ‘Group.Gift#6.2013 (Ivory)‘ – Filthy (no longer available)
Eyes: ‘Deep Sky Eyes (London Fog)‘ – Mayfly
Lashes: ‘Eyelash 1‘ –
Shape: ‘Keri’ – Panda Punx (modded)

Photo Tools
Pose/Prop: ‘Blogger Bubble’ – aDORKable Poses (not currently available)
Facial Expression: ‘Expression HUD v1.0‘ – AnyPose
Windlight: ‘‘Juicy Loves You’ by JuicyBomb

Seraphim HQ

Somebody’s watching..

Hellooo my darlings!

Do any of you have those friends that pop in with random attire, never looking the same? I definitely do, and i LOVE how fun their avi always looks. My friend Azrael always has on a cool costume and honestly if his name wasn’t the same then I would probably never know it was him! Anyways that’s what is so fun about SL, the individuality and creativity that we can all show off. We can express ourselves and be who we want to be.


For this photo i had a visitor….DUNDUNDUN!

Somebodies watching

Can you spot the terrifying invader?!

Somebodies watching 2

Thanks Azrael for letting me pose you and be silly :)

On the Zombie:

(Yummy) Candy Ring – Green

 Available at Collabor88: -tb- Skinny Slacks- Red

 Available at Collabor88: ISON – crop panel tee (navy stripe)

 Available at Collabor88: TRUTH HAIR Thelma –  variety

[tea.s] Conversation Trinket -Gold- XOXO (unpacked)

*LACUNA* Milliways Platforms (for Slink Feet) – Black

A girls day out – with our newest blogger Freya!

Please welcome Freya! Our newest (and totally adorable) blogger over at We are so excited to welcome her to our little group of hard working ladies. She agreed to take a photo with me and let me pose her (how brave!). Joining Seraphim can be overwhelming at first, with so much to learn, new names to remember and realizing that you are about to be slammed with notes and event dates galore! But i really think she’s taken a liking to us and has fit in quite well :3

Again welcome to Seraphim Freya! And I hope you adore us as much as we adore you! You have made a zombie friend, i mean how much cooler can you get?! :p

A Girls Day

On the fantastical Freya:

Redgrave ~ Eyelashed 31 extra long
Dead Apples ~ Nebula Sky
SLink ~ Mid Feet
SLink ~ Casual Hands
Truth ~ Rory in Raven
Pink Fuel ~ Glossy Pout Lipstick in Pink
Calienta Express ~ Eyeshadow Smoke Eye
Glam Affair ~ Amberly
Phoebe ~ Facial Piercing – Eye Diamonds
Cynful ~ Cropped Denim Jacket
Paradisis ~ Lovetips in Black
HOC ~ Pleated Skirt
EarthStone ~ Diamond Tennis Bracelet
EarthStone ~ Diamond Tennis Necklace
EarthStone ~ Laraine Anklet
EarthStone ~ Laraine Cocktail Ring
EarthStone ~ With Love Necklace
EarthStone ~ With Love Earrings
RE LUX ~ Dimples Piercing
RE LUX ~ Belly Piercing
Eudora 3D ~ Akhesa Wedges
Eclipsed Pixels ~ Lip Ring with Ball

On the zombie (me, Vio you silly!)

TRUTH HAIR Elyse –  black & whites
[Buzz] Hime Eyes – Jade
[tea.s] Eden’s Necklace – Silver
Mandala – UNISEX[MANDALA]Steking EARS(wear Me to UNPACK)!
Chapter Four – *ionic*  Amor de primavera –  Outfit 4
.Tokame. Vox Bag – Fox White RARE
tulip. Weathered Leather Sandals (Dirt – Flat SLINK

Mkay, eat cookies and be good <3 Vio

A colorful haven

I love color, i love things that stand out and i love a place that i can hide away in. So i threw together a fun colorful room and so far it’s been every visitors fav place to plop down and hang out in…except it’s MY spot -_- So i have to beat them up and make them get out. But hey, atleast they all agree it’s a cozy and fun room :D

A place for me2

Decor Info:

The Loft – Tribeca Bed Mature

The Loft Tribeca Headboard

-tb- Bon Voyage – Folded Clothes

.lame – Tiara Laundry Basket – Red

This is a Fawn – Embroidery Hoop Art [win or die]

Kuro – Hanging fans

The Loft – Bennet Lamp Cream

The Loft – Bennet Lamp Cream

Kuro – Cafe center piece

[North West] Weathered Garden Table (cracked white & yellow) (CLOSED)

kudzu decor – Vintage Ads Crate -Perfume

{vespertine – bookcart for her}

[*Art Dummy!]  for winter conversations. (chair two-beige)

Thank you for having a looksie! Hugs and kisses – Vio<3

Project EveryBody, Blogger Challenge

What makes you different?  What is it that helps you stand out from the crowd?  Why are you unique?  Special?

If you’re like most people, the answers to these questions are going to be qualities about a person that cannot be seen, such as a sense of humor, superior intellect, philanthropic tendencies, a kind heart, a great cook, a supportive husband, a loving mother…the list of what makes us special could go on and on.  If what we hold to be so important is invisible to the naked eye, why is it that when we look at another person, we draw conclusions based upon their appearance?

We have all heard the comments.  Some of us may even admit to thinking them, or sharing them with others.  Others may have even heard them (or thought them) about ourselves.

“Gosh, she is so thin…someone feed her a sandwich!”

“Check out that fat guy!  He should really be eating a salad instead of that pizza!”

“Look at that avie’s tits!  Those are ridiculous!  Why would someone want to look that way on purpose?”

The problem is not in the words, though words are certainly hurtful.  The problem lies in our way of thinking about people, and subsequently making judgments about them.

Lucie Bluebird, who some of you may know from her popular blog, Bluebird’s Song, recently began a terrific project to celebrate people of every shape and size called Project EveryBody.  This Project represents Lucie’s personal struggle and her journey to accept herself for the person she is, not the size she is.  (Click here to read Lucie’s story.)  She began Project EveryBody as an art installation and is challenging us all to be consciously aware of body shaming.  Even in Second Life we can help stop the judgement of others based on their appearance.

As a first challenge, Lucie has reached out to the blogging community and asked us to step outside our normal paradigm and explore an area of SL that is of interest, but that we have not yet explored.  I accepted Lucie’s challenge, albeit a little late due to other commitments, and have explored Goth Del.


I have to say it was really interesting just looking for the clothes!  I did not know where to go, but ended up at Grim Bros. based on some recommendations.  I found this cute dress and some shoes, and then found the Wasabi Pills hair sitting in my inventory, begging to be worn.  Before I knew it, I had found some make-up and was Goth’ing it up!  Personally, the changes were not something I’d wish to experience every day.  But it was fun to explore another side, even for a little while.

Stuff I’m Wearing

Dress, stockings and hat – Pensees from Grim Bros.

Shoes – Pensees from Grim Bros.

Hair – Emma Mesh hair in Black Coffee from Wasabi Pills

Cosmetics – Heavy Black/Red Eyes & Lips from Glamorize

Skin – Katya Porcelain from Izzie’s

If you are interested in learning more about Project EveryBody, you can follow the blog by clicking here.  You can also follow Project EveryBody on plurk (click here), and on Flickr (click here).


Being Little – Nevy to Kaydia

There are some misrepresentations of what it means to be a child avatar in a very grown up realm. I’ve been around in the kid community for a very long time now and have dealt with a lot of the negative, but the positive out weighs it by a hundred fold. I think one bad experience with a child avatar or the lack of understanding can cause people to run away with their tail between their legs. Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of crazy and nasty child avatar age-play out there that involves some very disgusting scenarios but to be perfectly honest they are far and few (very few) between.

So why do I have a child avatar? That is a really good question. When I first made one and even well into the first few years of her it was just because all the cool people were doing it and so I followed suit. Through that time I could never really give a personal reason as to why I did have one. I had a really great childhood and didn’t feel there was anything missing to the point that I didn’t even have interest in pursuing the family life on my little. She was fun to shop on and bounce around in, figuratively and literally. I had a good friend at the time who convinced me I needed Kaydia (my child avatar’s name) more than I realized, she had me out looking for parents and a family and I even had up a panel at one of the biggest adoption agencies. I’ve had Kaydia for 7yrs now and it was only in these past two years that I finally understood why I needed my child avatar. I’ve only had 3 SL mothers in all my time on the grid and I’ve had only 1 set of parents that I call my parents of my heart. The first three mothers that came into my life, I left with no issues or drama… it just wasn’t meant to be. Things happened whether it was their end or mine that didn’t allow us to connect that way that I needed for it be. All I could see in them was a friendship and that for me wasn’t enough for the title of mother and daughter. Besides, truly they were just the vessels I needed to get to my destination. My parents of my heart is where I found myself… where I found the meaning of Kaydia and the reasons for her existence, my existence. I know for some of you reading this you might be thinking to yourselves on how silly this may sound and I know exactly what that feels like because I was there but I’m telling you, when you meet a person, or in my case two people, you will feel such a deep connection with them that the title, the presence of mother and father will make your heart pump fast and that inner child in you will finally surface… a moment of time will collide with you that will take you back to your most happiest and fondest memory. As I stated before, my childhood was wonderful and my parents raised me right and they loved me and took care of me the way they are supposed to and I have no regrets of my past or ill-will. In fact, I have a very close relationship with my RL parents, but there is just something truly magical about allowing yourself to open up to someone to a point that allows you to be vulnerable as you once were such a long time ago as a child. So, why do I have a child avatar? Because I found two amazing, beautiful people that allow me to express myself in a very raw and vulnerable form and give me the steps for my heart to be a child again.

Picture done by Deekay Xavier

It’s not for everyone and some of you may have found just the right sort of outlet, experience, and people you may need to enjoy your life on the grid and to re-establish a part of you that was once there. I encourage you to stay true to yourself in whatever form it is and when you come across a child avatar in SL, just let them be who they are.

Picture done by Deekay Xavier